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Computer Brokers was founded in 1992 on the principle that the way to keep customers is to solve their computer problems the first time. Computer Brokers has spared no expense in education and training of our personnel. Mastering industry certifications and maintaining current relationship with industry leaders. This is what separates our organization from other computer companies in the San Joaquin area. Our team consists of  Microsoft Certified Professionals (MCP), Microsoft Certified System Engineers (MCSE), Cisco Certified Network Associates (CCNA) and A+ certified technicians. With this foundation, we have established partnerships with computer industry leaders such as Cisco,3Com, Intel, Microsoft and Citrix Systems.


We provide the level of support that your given situation requires. With our A+ certified Service Technicians, we will solve your desktop and server problems in a timely and cost effective manner.


 Is your PC running really slow? Not as quick as it use to be? Chances are your PC is infected! In this day and age, viruses and malware run a gamut. They come in the form of annoying pop ups, deceitful antivirus programs and erroneous fake malware removal tools that lead to complete systematic chaos. We have technicians that can remove these pesky threats. If we can't eradicate these pests, we have the expertise to save your data and bring your PC back to a working state, virus and malware free.


We have the resources and the technical expertise to solve the most complex situations, relying on our years of networking experience and a proven track record. We've provided solutions for every level of business such as simple point of sale solutions, local retail businesses and complex wide area networks spanning multiple states. Cisco Systems is the industry leader in producing hardware for switching and routing network data. These complex components have to be installed correctly to ensure a functional and secure network. Cisco System has set the standard providing quality, topnotch high end solutions. We've chosen Cisco as our solution provider. Computer Brokers has qualified CCNAs on staff ready to solve your network needs. Any company can sell Cisco Systems products however, only companies that have followed Cisco Systems strict certification path can install them properly.


Where would a well established computer business be without Microsoft? We service Novell and Microsoft network servers, providing advanced engineering services for both platforms.  We have worked hard at utilizing Microsoft products as solutions for business. Our team is MCSEs certified. MCSE technicians are qualified to deploy a wide array of network products including Email Systems, E-Commerce Servers, Auction Servers, SQL Servers, Proxy/Firewall servers and web servers. These products are the core of internet services that most of us use everyday.





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